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City Bicycles - Packages

Today we are re-releasing 'City Bicycles' sound library as several smaller packages.

After the occasional questions from potential buyers we decided it can be very handy if you just need one bicycle.
We've taken the opportunity to adress some minor metadata typos and created a better Folder Structure.

If you're bought a single library and later on, want to upgrade to the full package,
contact us for a reduced price on the complete 'City Bicycles' library.
Every part of City Bicycles that you paid for will get you an extra reduction on the full package.

City Bicycles - Various PassBys & Handling FX These are various other bicycles passing by and various…
€ 25,00
City Bicycles - Extra Surfaces This is a unique bicycle library that captures road surfaces…
€ 25,00
City Bicycles - RacerBike The Racer Bike is one of the four main bicycles in our…
€ 25,00