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Announcing City Bicycles

Announcing City Bicycles

We are excited to share our first sound library : City Bicycles

City Bicycles is a library filled with clean recordings of character bikes captured outdoor.
We went through great lengths (literally) to get long onboard recordings and great passbys.
Recording on multiple surfaces, we captured the bicycle sounds at 3 different speeds.

Everything you need to create convincing sound design for a city bike, all in one bundle.


As sound designers in the Dutch Film Industry we have worked on a lot of scenes with bicycles.
Never truly pleased with available recordings of bicycles, we decided that we needed to create it ourselves.
And we wanted to do it right, so we approached it very much like a car or motorcycle library.

It took a while, finding the right bikes, the perfect locations and surfaces, but we are very happy with the results!

We hope you will be too! If you are already convinced, buy the library here

Want to hear more before you decide? Check out the teaser or download the free sample package

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