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City Bicycles - Free Sample Package

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Download our Free Sample Package here to get a taste of what's in store.

Because we think you should be able to listen carefully before you buy, we've created a free sample package.
It's a designed preview package that demonstrates the expressive characteristics of the various bikes and surfaces.
It contains the following sounds:

- Premixed Onboard recordings:  all bikes on mixed surfaces (max. 1min - paid version of the library contains longer onboard recordings)

- Premixed Passbys: all bikes passing by at a different speeds and surfaces (shortened versions)

All free samples are in 48KHz/16bit for convenient drag and drop in video projects (paid version is in 96kHz/24bits)

Screenshot of onboard session

onboard layers

Screenshot of passby session

passby layers



344 AUDIO: 'City Bicycles has a plethora of content, for a great price. The perfect balance between a great concept, great presentation and outstanding execution, lands them an almost perfect score of 4.9..'




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