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City Bicycles - Full Package

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This is a unique bicycle library that captures characteristic bikes in clean, quiet, nicely performed true exterior rides. Including multiple perspectives, speeds and actions. From fast passbys on asphalt to slow onboard recordings and smooth stops. Everything you need to create convincing sound design for a city bike.


Four bikes with distinct characteristics:
1. Good bike: a smooth sounding retro bike that doesn’t rattle or squeak, really nice tire noise.
2. Bad bike: an old worn bike with severe rattles and cranking, tends to let the chain fly off.
3. Ugly bike: this bike gets you from A to B... but it won’t win awards for it’s looks.
4. Racer bike: a vintage racer that’s probably owned by a barista or a hipster art student.
Speeds and actions:
Three speeds for every bike and every surface (see below). Departures from slow, medium to fast getaways. Arrivals from slow stops with gently squeaking handbrakes to heavy stuttering skids.

Five perspectives:
1. Onboard Front: captures the whirring tire and surface sound.
2. Onboard Pedal: nice overall combination of pedaling, crank creaks, chain rattle, tire and surface sounds.
3. Onboard Rear: close up sound of the rear axle, with chain, sprocket and switching of gear.
4. Tracking shot: mono recording of the passby, keeping the bike in focus while passing by.
5. Static XY shot: stereo recording of the passby that emphasizes speed.

Overview of perspectives and mic placement:
Perspectives and Mic Placement

*Onboard recordings are 2-3 minutes long depending on speed. Higher speeds > shorter duration.
All 3 onboard mics are edited in sync with one another to make layering easy.
All Passbys, Arrivals and Departures move from Left to Right.



Five surfaces:

We've recorded all Bikes on asphalt from all perspectives (onboard and roadside). Additionally, our most quiet bicycle (the Good Bike) was used to record 4 other surfaces from onboard perspectives.

1. Asphalt: nice and clean, with smooth singing sound.**
2. Large Bricks: nicely textured surface that makes the tires purr like a cat.**
3. Gravel: a fresh crackling surface sound that you might find in a city park.
4. Grit: classic bicycle path surface sounds that layers perfectly with the other surfaces.**
5. Icy road: frozen asphalt with sparkling textures of ice crystals snapping under the wheels.

**these surfaces are also recorded from Roadside Perspectives (passby: static and tracking)

BONUS addition:
There are some sweeteners and extras to give your bike that extra layer of grit:
1. Exterior recordings of various actions in multiple takes from rattles, bounces, shakes to roll-bys. Enough to make your bike sound just a little different.
2. We also recorded 21 additional single passbys of various bicycles, from severely rattling to smooth riding bikes on small brick streets and alleys. Enough to expand your options to create a distinguished sound design.

Metadata & Markers:
Because we know how important metadata is for your sound libraries we have created a consistent and intuitive description method. This allows you to find the sound you need easily, whether you work in a database like Soundminer/Basehead/PT Workspace work, or a Exporer/Finder window.

However, we are aware that some people have different needs for different purposes, so we've created a Metadata Reference Guide that explains the structure. And because we've automated the metadata proces, you can be confident that a 'find & replace' command will always replace all instances.

Download our Metadata Reference Guide

Download complete metadata PDF

If you have any questions about this, contact us!

Additionally, we added Markers to some wave files, so specific sound events are easy to spot in Soundminer or other database apps.

Package details:
- 96kHz/24bit recordings
- 633 unique sounds (154 files)
- over 5,5 hours of content
- 5GB zip (7GB unzipped)
- Instant delivery- blazing-fast - digital download
- Single user license, royalty-free (license)

Multi User Licenses:
You can select up to 5 user licenses in the ordering menu. 
Every additional license gives a larger price reduction.
If you need more than 5 licenses, please contact us!
Note: These licenses are not intended for resale (see below).

Resale Licenses:

Our single- and multi-user licenses are intended for usage in media production.
However if you are interested in reselling our libraries, please contact us.
We can set you up with a resale-license and deliver our libraries in a package of
uniquely watermarked audiofiles. 


344 AUDIO: 'City Bicycles has a plethora of content, for a great price. The perfect balance between a great concept, great presentation and outstanding execution, lands them an almost perfect score of 4.9..'

File Overview
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