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Ski Slopes

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A mini-library with quiet alpine ski slopes and realistic onboard recordings.

The Alps pistes are known for their great snow and peaceful ambiance.
A lack of omnipresent music and minimal air traffic: the perfect spot for recording snow sports!
We captured the calm ambiance and expressive whooshing and carving on these quiet ski slopes. Anything ranging from high speed alpine skiers and distant voices of snowboarders, to a small class, on a variety of pistes.

Despite it's small size, the library consists of a broad range of alpine ski slope recordings.
- Ski slope ambiences with chatty skiers and snowboarders from young to adult (solo and groups)
- Clean passby's on quiet ski slopes with a mix of speeds, perspectives and types (snowboarders and skiers)
- A very handy set of onboard recordings of skiing and snowboarding with various speeds and cadences
- Onboard ski lifts (gondola, open) and drag lifts (T-bar)
- Evolving ambiences of a moving drag lift and gondola station
- The sound of people waiting in line at the ski lifts (a mix of german/dutch/english)

*Three different slopes:
BluePiste (Beginner), RedPiste (Intermediate), BlackPiste (Experienced)

arnoud recording his excellent carve technique ;)

What you won't get:
- Close up 'Foley' of snow gear
- Music in the background
- Birdsong
- Apres Ski drinks :)


In 2016 we responded to a request on Facebook by sound designers Mikkel Nielsen and Peter Albrechtsen. They were looking for 'clean ski slope ambiences', from somewhere in Europe, for the film Godless.
Arnoud happened to be on ski-vacation at the Kreischberg, in a very quiet part of Austria and as always he brought his trusty Sony PCM-D50. You never know if something nice can be recorded :) Fast forward two years, after some more recordings, with more gear, on the same ski slopes the library is here.

Recording equipment:
- Sony PCM-D50 recorder
- Sonosax SX-R4 recorder
- DPA 4060 microphones
- Rycote Furries and windscreen

Package details:
- 96kHz/24bit recordings
- about 75 unique sounds (in 21 files)
- an hour of content
- 1.77 GB zip (2.06 GB unzipped)
- Instant delivery, blazing-fast digital download
- Single user license, royalty-free (license)

Multi User Licenses:

You can select up to 5 user licenses in the ordering menu.
Every additional license gives you a larger price reduction.
If you need more than 5 licenses, please contact us!

Multi User Licenses:
You can select up to 5 user licenses in the ordering menu. 
Every additional license gives a larger price reduction.
If you need more than 5 licenses, please contact us!
Note: These licenses are not intended for resale (see below).

Resale Licenses:

Our single- and multi-user licenses are intended for usage in media production.
However if you are interested in reselling our libraries, please contact us.
We can set you up with a resale-license and deliver our libraries in a package of
uniquely watermarked audiofiles. 

File Overview
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Artwork copyright:
The Ski Slopes artwork photo is taken by Ruth Hartnup.
It is distributed under a CC license.
We have adapted the size and enhanced brightness.