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China Ambiences 1

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Introducing the China Ambiences 1 Sound Library, a unique collection of sound recordings from the bustling cities of Beijing, Datong and Pingyao. Immerse yourself in the vivid atmosphere of these iconic locations with a rich tapestry of sounds, from the busy city streets and crowded Forbidden City to the tranquil Great Wall and ancient alleyways of the hutongs.

We've captured the essence of each location that bring these Chinese cities to life. Whether you're a film-maker, game developer, or a researcher of city sounds, this library has something for everyone.
With a focus on authenticity and attention to detail, each recording has been carefully curated to deliver the highest quality sound possible. So why wait? Add the China Ambiences 1 Sound Library to your collection today and bring a touch of Northern China to your next project.

The sound of the Nothern Cities:
Beijing, Datong and Pingyao, are renowned for their rich cultural heritage contrasted by the frantic pace of modernity. 

The majority of this library was recorded in Beijing, the capital city. There you can hear the hustle and bustle of daily life, with busy traffic on small streets and the outer rings, the crowds on bustling markets and touristic sites like the Forbidden City. But also the tranquil calm of the Great Wall in winter time.
Take a ride on the subway train from the airport and arrive at Tiananmen Square to be engulfed by a tourist crowd. Or listen to the happy chatter of locals playing games in the Ritan Park. Visit the old hutongs and enjoy the sparse voices in the narrow streets and alleys. Listen to electric vehicles whizzing by and the distant whooshes of traffic as the day settles. Finally settle down in a quiet restaurant with the staff cleaning up in the kitchen. 

beijing hutong

In Datong, another ancient city with a rich history, we offer the sound of the skyline of the expanding city, hotel atmosphere, busy city traffic and lively crowds in a train station. 


Finally, the ancient and calm city of Pingyao, provides a laidback atmosphere the sounds of traditional Hutongs. With recordings of lively voices in narrow alleys and traffic passby's that offer much detail. 

Whether you are looking for the sounds of bustling city life or the tranquility of ancient hutongs, the China Ambiences 1 library has it all.


This library contains a carefully curated selection of recordings of
- Beautiful spacious exterior (strictly Mandarin) crowds from touristic sites
- Traffic sounds varying from calm to chaotic, close to distant
- Distant Echoing Voices on The Great Wall.
- Calls from hawkers and merchants
- Subway atmospheres with city commuters
- The busy vibrant indoor markets of Silk Road
- Lively and calm atmospheres from ancient Hutongs
  And much more!

* Crowd recordings may contain Tour guide voices.

What you won't get:
- Background music in recordings, so no limited usage of ambiences.
- Non-Mandarin voices, so no tourists from Southern China or the West hemisphere.
- That warm plates of fresh noodles we enjoyed!

Arnoud in the field

Recording equipment:
- Sonosax SX-R4 recorder
- DPA 4060 microphones
- Sennheiser MKH50-30 MS Setup
- Sony PCM-D50 recorder
- Zoom H2
- Bubblebees & Rycote Furries and windscreen

Package details:
- 49 unique sounds (average length 3 minutes)
- Over 2,5 hour of ambiences
- 96kHz/24bit recordings
- 4.95 GB zip (5.74 GB unzipped)
- Instant delivery, blazing-fast digital download
- Single user license, royalty-free (license)

Multi User Licenses:
You can select up to 5 user licenses in the ordering menu. 
Every additional license gives a larger price reduction.
If you need more than 5 licenses, please contact us!
Note: These licenses are not intended for resale or Machine Learning (see below).

Resale Licenses:

Our single- and multi-user licenses are intended for usage in media production.
However if you are interested in reselling our libraries, please contact us.
We can set you up with a resale-license and deliver our libraries in a package of
uniquely watermarked audiofiles. 

Machine Learning:
As mentioned in our License Agreements, a special license needs to be purchased for
Machine Learning scenarios.

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